Thursday, November 6, 2008




27-09-2008=10 days anniversary
17-10-2008=one month anniversary
we don know wat will be happen in our life....u get,u try,u lost urself,u give up until u lost everything.......all became memory

Friday, August 15, 2008


last week,jae and me went mid valley bought bear,flower,wrapper and small graduation cap(don know how to describe so use my own word).. Why we need buy? Because this saturday is our big sister KIat Ngee graduation day. She is pity her parents never come to celebrate with her so my naughty brain told me that we need give her surprise(hope she never read my blog). She is a good girl. The first day i move in Apiit apartment she teah me many things such as how to take bus,LRT and etc. When she cook she will share with me and teach me many things. I learn many things with her. This saturday she graduate already we are so happy about it. Tonight,jae sew the bear with cap and i wrap all the things together. For me i think very nice,how all people think? Here want to share our harvest.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today a bit mutability

Today new intake orientation. I think around 400++ new student in APIIT. I am busy for lead new student to their suitable orientation room based on their study programme. After that, we went to auditorium listen briefing that student service boss Mr Anis given. He is a very clever leader. He graduated from Apiit in 2003 and now he is a manager for APIIT student service. I like to know good leader so that i can learn many things from them. I have a business communication lecturer Mr Suresh Naidu,he is also a good leader,i mean lead all student. He is a funny lecturer,i am very aadmire his communication skill. There are also many people that i am admire but impossible i can list down all their name. I like to learning new things such as language,knowledge, how manage different situation and etc. Haiz,nowadays quite easy to get tired..Is it my corporeity getting worse and worse? Sometimes i will think if any bad thing occurs also never mind because i am very tired due with it already. We are not god,we cant prevent what will be happen,we don know what gonna be for next second. So,just enjoy hours,every minutes even every second. Do what we want to do (not taking drug or other bad things) so that after we die either go heaven or hell also we wouldnt be regret why when we alive we never do....Human...please treasure what you have now,don miss any single chance.

A guy that i cant understand at all

I always think why he never listen for advice at all. This is my first time saw such a guy. Maybe different background so i am quite difficult to communicate with him. Sometimes i feel i am useless because i cant promote and i never carry out my responsibility. I always try to settle problem between members and him but i cant do anything. Sometimes i will feel is it i am busybody because i transfer what members want to him. But if i never do it,how they can agree with his position? I am a business student i know that if you want be a good leader u need to know many things. As a leader u cant be autocratic, you need to be democratic that tends to involve the members in decision making,ask for members opinion so they will willing to sacrifice their time or anything to be loyal with you. I don know what's going on with him before bring up a personality like this today. All people are different and we cant force people do what we want them to do. Sometimes i feel regret why i never study psychology so that i can help many people to find out their problem and find good solution. All above is all by my own crazy opinion and not for evaluate someone. If he see this blog i am sorry about that but this is about my own spirit.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Braces 3

Today went to hospital kajang again. My appointment time at 8.30am but i never go on time because impossible i can go early from Bukit Jalil to Kajang. not very scare because Sandra accompany me to go. When doctor said need to extract teeth number 4 from middle of top start count,i am shock and told doctor that if i extract that one when i go university and open mouth smile all people will laugh me. But not use,doctor said need to extract also.....In the end,i use less then 1 minutes time extract that teeth,more faster then last sound "crack",my pitiful teeth success for apppointment held on next monday. What will be happen? Just wait, To Be Continued.......

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Yesterday after bath gastric suddenly pain so i never watch olympic straigh to sleep from 9pm until today 11.30am. Today veri happy because jae and me decided to go sunway eat steamboat with kiat ngee, kiat ngee's friend hui ying and ellan. When we go out time jae suddenly feel dizzy almost faint down so i accompany her go back home to take a rest. Oh,my steamboat......Never mind,friend are more important. So,i cooked porridge and ate with her. Then, my dear mummy called...Haiz,she still cough and that two nephew still at home. Oh my god,mummy sick already still need to look after that two nephew so pity..Haiz,after i graduate and start to work,i will bring her to oversea look around all the world no need to worry about anyone....